Grow your business with the rate of 200 percent. - Future Study Point

Grow your business with the rate of 200 percent.

grow your bussiness

Grow your business with the rate of 200 percent.

Dear friend if you and your family are in the field of business, no matter what kind of business is, if you didn’t register your self in the amazon business then you should comprehend that you are burning through your time and money, however, you are taking the steps of tossing water on the desire of those individuals who rely upon you, these are your workers or kids for whom you should take some decision. Amazon sales of the products have been growing at an annual growth rate of 200 percent.

grow your bussiness


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Amazon business is an online market place that was launched in India in September 2017 since then its growth has been observed 200 percent year-over-year. So, once you register yourself in the Amazon business, the present and future is secured in the amazon marketing networkThe amazon feeds everything of your business needs to your doorsteps. You can register your business through the following link rests leave on the amazon network to let your business grow.

Join it through the following link in free

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Amazon business


The persons who are responsible of purchasing industrial items for a company can use his personal business accounts and exploit its benefits personally or for his company. In the Amazon there were 17000 sellers in 2017 today in 2020 it has risen up to 2.4 lakh in B2B market place and 4.5 lakh customers into its B2C market place of Amazon. This number has been rising year over year. In amazon today there are 160 million products,it offers one-stop-shop for businesses across the country as per the statement of Peter George, Director of Amazon Business India to Business Line. Amazon Business is now available in eight geographies including France, Germany, Spain, Italy, America, England, Japan, and India.It allow sellers who has GST numbers to sell on the market place and allows any business with GST number to register itself as a buyer. Amazon Business allows customers to save up to 5 to 28 % on business purchases by claiming GST input tax credit.

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Sellers and business customers get business analytics from Amazon , which provides insights into business spends with customized reports. They also get access to fast and reliable shipping with doorstep delivery via Amazon’s network . The top categories in terms of demand and sales of the Amazon Business are PC’s, Electronics, Mobile Phones, Kitchen and Home.

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Registration of business accounts and sellers account is a very simple procedure, the condition is that you should have GST number. You can register through the link highlighted here or you can log in to your Amazon account. After registering you become part of Amazon Business which compels you to grow with them at the same speed of 200 percent annual growth rate.

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