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Online Genuine survey and task jobs for earning money from home without any investment.

survey and task jobs

Online Genuine survey and task jobs for earning money from home without any investment.

If you are reading this post, then definitely you might be interested in doing online jobs. Although there are online jobs on the internet like online freelancers jobs, online e-book writer’s job, online affiliative marketing jobs blogger’s and article writer’s job, and U tubers job. Earning from all these jobs you are needed skill and hard work but for doing this online survey and task jobs you needn’t to have any kind of skill. You have to speak the truth throughout the online survey and task job, that’s it. Before you start any online survey jobs, you have to take care of in filling your profile information since when you will get a survey and then answers of question-related to your carrier, qualification, earning, etc should match with the information you have filled in your profile.

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survey and task jobs




I know, it is not as easy to earn online money as offline, but if you have skills, nobody can stop you to earn unlimited money. In the future, 100 % of the official work will be done online. Now, it is not that you and I are aware of that, and rests of the world don’t know, of course! A few of people have a tendency to exploit unemployed persons, housewives, and students through their websites. You might be getting the offer of so many jobs like copy pastings, data entry, form filling jobs, etc. Dear friends, I have explored and scrutinized all such kinds of jobs and concluded to the point that maximum sites, almost 90 %  among them are a fraud. If you want to know about these sites, then definitely ask the experienced people before you start an online job through the internet, first read the reviews and feedback of the people from that site then decide to do the job. You can find this information online, through the online job forum and in different review websites.

Dear friends The internet is the bane for those people who have the interest to show their talents to the world, the internet provides true democracy of earning money. I have attached a link of few genuine online jobs from where people who have talents are earning millions of dollars but it takes time to earn the money up to the mark, so here I am talking about a simple survey and task job which everybody can do, you just start from here and join all the sites in the given link, develop your skills, continue to learn new things, definitely, you will get success. Friends, I have started my online carrier by joining a genuine site that offers surveys, tasks, and offers, its name is Clixsense now it is Ysense.

Simple online task and survey jobs

Online job of survey


The same site I recommend to you. You can earn Rs 3000 to 10,000 from this site even more by paying 1 hour daily on a computer or mobile. My earning proof is as follows. Here the purpose of showing my earning proof to you is to confirm that it is a genuine site.  I am busy with my other online work so I don’t have enough time to do this job, but you can do better than me if you spend your daily 1 hour. After you earn your 20 dollars you can share your affiliative link to your friend through Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, blog or website. It is up to you to make referrals under you.

In this site you can earn money through the following ways.

(1) Surveys – It is required to every company to get the like of public for improving the quality of products and services. These companies are needed public opinion for the product, service and technology for improving their business so these companies pay money for the survey.

(ii) Task- The tasks are sponsored by the companies to improve their services, So they get the solution after providing it to the public and pay money against the solution of each task.

(iii) Offer- Many of the companies provide offers of different kinds, like surveys, free download of apps and services, and they pay money to the people against their work.

(iv) Affiliates – You can earn unlimited money through its referral system in which you can earn a commission from the income of your affiliates. Although you can join the site by the simple google search if you want any help from my side then join this site from my affiliate link given in this post.

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You can see my transactions of money to my accounts,just showing you how much genuine is this and not for that I have made a big money. You can do far better if you pay your regular 1 to 2 hours daily.

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Carrier in online jobs: Genuine sites that give you money for your work.

All companies are needed customer review for rectification and modification for improving the qualities of their products and services, many survey companies are contracted to get this feedback from the customers, some of them are working offline but the trends of online is developing day by day, Earn money from home by answering their questionnaire, earn that money for the future of kids, although you can’t become a millionaire only by doing that but don’t forget , boond boond se ghada bharta he. Iski genuinely me agar kisi ko koi doubt he tau mujhe batao.

Procedure of joining the job

(i)Fill up the registration form from the following link.

(2)Don’t forget your password and username as you have filled.

(3)After when you would have earned 20 dollars, Register your bank account in the Payoneer which works as a mediator between the American bank and any of the local bank worldwide.  When you will click the payout button in the clixsense (Ysense) the earned money by you automatically will transfer in your bank. You can join it from the following link. The payoneer account is useful for everybody who want to work from home in any one of the online company like Amajon associates or other one,it is free of cost. payoneer

 (4)Don’t forget the password and email you have registered in the form.

(5)Start the survey jobs, task within minutes.

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Proof of earning  Click to see -My earning transactions

join this web site through the following link.


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