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PDF -Class 10 Science NCERT Biology notes

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PDF -Class 10 Science NCERT Biology notes

PDF -Class 10 Science NCERT Biology notes are created by a science expert of CBSE. These NCERT Science biology notes are very important for CBSE board exams 2021-22 Term-1 and Term -2 . All the NCERT questions of class 10 science biology are explained here by a step by step method so every student can understand the solutions properly.The solutions of these NCERT biology questions will help you in doing the MCQ and the questions based on case study in Term-1 and Term 2 CBSE Board exam 2021-22.

Class 10 Science Biology NCERT Solutions are the solutions of unsolved questions of four biology chapters and three chapters of environmental science which are part of class 10 science NCERT . These NCERT Solutions of Biology are important not only for the class 10 students also useful for the candidates who are pursuing competitive exams for government jobs, professional degrees or diplomas.

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The content of the e-book class 10 Biology

Life Processes

In this chapter you will study all about our body system ,the chapter is most important for class 10 students and other class students who want to qualify NEET .

Control and Coordination

In this chapter you will study about our nervous system,our nervous system contains brain ,spinal chord and nerve cell neurons.

How do organisms Reproduce

In this chapter you will study abour our reproductive system and types of reproduction.

Heredity and Evolutions

In this chapter you will study the laws of inheritance, how the traits of the organism repeats.

Sources of Energy 

In this chapter you will study all the types of energy resources.


This is the chapter that is required to study everyone on this earth, at least class 10 students should be aware of the environmental changes on this earth.

Management of the Natural Resources

The management of the Natural Resources is for awaring the students about the management of the resources available in the earth.

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