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Class 9 Chemistry NCERT Solutions

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The e-book is prepared for the purpose of helping class 9 students in their preparation of the SA-1 and SA-2 exams. In the exams maximum questions asked are always from the NCERT textbook, so for achieving excellent marks each student must revise the NCERT solutions of the textbook of science periodically.


The e-book of Class 9 NCERT chemistry solutions will help all those students to clear their scientific concept on chemistry in understanding NCERT questions of the class 9 science textbook. All the NCERT questions of the e-book of  ‘Class 9 Chemistry NCERT Solutions’ are explained by an expert teacher of the subject. The e-book of Class 9 Chemistry NCERT Solutions contains the NCERT solutions of the following chapters.

(1) Chapter 1- Matter in Our Surroundings

(2) Chapter 2- Is Matter around us pure

(3) Chapter 3- Atoms and Molecules

(4) Chapter 4- Structure of Atom

In the e-book of chemistry, the solutions are of the questions mentioned within the pages and back exercises of each chapter of the chemistry portion of the class 9  NCERT science textbook.


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