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CBSE Class 10 Physics NCERT solutions and notes

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The purpose of class 10 physics e-book of NCERT solutions is to clear the concept of the students who face difficulty in solving physics questions in the NCERT science textbook. If you are in class 10  CBSE board and you face difficulty in understanding of physics questions then this e-book of Class 10 physics NCERT solutions and notes is specially prepared for you in getting excellent marks in the exams. All NCERT solutions in this e-book are from the physics portion of class 10 NCERT science textbook. All the questions are written by a science expert teacher of CBSE so solutions are explained as per the CBSE norms.

NCERT Physics solutions are very important for every student who is studying in the 10 class CBSE board, the maximum percentage of the students get difficulty in solving Physics questions of the 10 class NCERT Science textbook. Here we have brought a solution to their problem in an e-book of physics that contains NCERT solutions and few important notes of chapter-10, 11,12, and 13 of the class 10 NCERT science textbook. The questions in this e-book of Physics class 10 are explained beautifully by an expert teacher of Physics as per the CBSE norms.

Chapter 10-Light Reflection and Refraction

The content of the e-book Class 10 Science CBSE board

1- Introduction of Optics

2-Introduction and definition of Reflection

3-Rules of Reflection

4-Notes on diffused Reflection

5-Application of Reflection

6-Definition of Refraction and its rule

7- Snell’s law and Refractive index

8- Absolute Refractive index

9- Critical angle and the mystery of diamond shining


11- Scattering of Light

12-NCERT solutions of the questions within the pages and of the back   exercise

The Human Eye and Colourful World

1-The human eye structure and functions of each part

2-NCERT solutions of the questions within the pages and of back exercise and few extra numerical questions on the defects of the eye and their correction


1-Notes on electric resistance and conductance

2-Conductivity and Resistivity

3- Mystery of showing the direction of the current from positive to negative


5-Electric energy, Joul’s heat equation

NCERT Solutions of the chapter

 Magnetic effect of the current

1-NCERT questions and answers with additional questions





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