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Download maths solutions of set of 4 maths question papers class 10 CBSE board exams

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Solutions of class 10 last year’s 4 maths question papers of CBSE board.

set of 4 maths question paper class 10


Solutions of class 10 last year’s maths question papers of CBSE board is a set of  4  maths question papers which is an e-book containing solutions of last year’s maths question papers . These last year’s maths question papers are selected for feeding the greatest inputs for cracking the CBSE class 10 board exam with a boom. It is a guarantee that every student will understand the solutions of each question since the solutions are created by an expert in maths who has huge experience of 25 years in teaching mathematics, the cost of the e-book is marked by us only Rs 30 which is required for our survival in the web.

Maths subject plays an important role in increasing aggregate marks in class 10 CBSE board exam, it is the maths subject in which anybody can get even hundred percent marks but it is requiring a lot of practice. You can enhance your mathematics skill just like other skills like cycling, driving, swimming, writing, English or another language speaking, computer and mobiles, etc. What is one thing that is common, obviously, it is ‘PRACTICE’ The practice of the NCERT maths textbook contributes your 60 percent on the mastery of class 10 maths total work on the way of achieving hundred percent marks, rest of the practice can be completed by studying solved and unsolved question papers of last years or sample papers of maths? Here the e-book that contains the latest model of maths question papers for CBSE 2o2o-21 and 2021-22.

If you follow the instructions pointed below then nobody can stop you to achieve excellent marks in maths subjects in the CBSE board exams.

(i)  Clear the concept of each maths chapter of your textbook with proper understanding.

(ii) Understand the solutions of exemplar questions mentioned in the chapter.

(iii) Don’t ignore the questions in which you are facing difficulties since such an act will lower your confidence instead ask it your teacher or Whatsapp us on 7303064710 or connect to our Facebook page.

(iv) Plan a revision cycle of weakly or monthly for studying NCERT maths and other study material

(v) For sharpening your maths skill study last year’s solved and unsolved question papers.

(vi) Solve mock tests of maths or unsolved maths sample papers or last year’s unsolved maths question papers periodically for checking yourself.

(vi) Learn every day new things.

The e-book of solutions of class 10 last year’s maths question papers of CBSE board consists of complete solutions of four maths question papers, these solutions occupy all the chapters of class 10 NCERT maths textbook, hence study of these solutions of maths question papers would contribute in your maths score highly. Study of solutions of these maths question papers is beneficial for you in following way.

  • It will develop your confidence
  • Your determination would be sharpen
  • Develop your reasoning capability
  • Maximize contribution in aggregate marks
  • Maximum preparation in the least time
  • Enhances your enthusiasm
  • Moreover, you get the idea about the type of questions on the board exams

See the video of the e-book of maths solutions a set of 4 maths question papers class 10 CBSE board exams 

The e-book contains solutions of two maths question papers and a link to two more question papers of maths with solutions which is given at the starting 0f the e-book.

The e-book of these solutions of last year’s maths question papers is in pdf format, you can get its print out for offline study or can save in google drive or on your computer and mobile because we have permitted unlimited downloads to our users. The cost of the e-book we have marked only Rs 30. If you are unable to afford it then subscribe for the free updated study material published by us.

The e-book contains

  • Solutions of basic maths question paper of class 10 preboard CBSE exam 2020-21
  •  Solutions of  half-yearly maths question paper of class 10  CBSE exam 2020-21
  •  Solutions of  maths question paper of class 10 final CBSE board exam 2020-21
  • Solutions of  maths question paper of class 10 final CBSE board exam 2019-20

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