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Class 10 Physics and Chemistry NCERT Notes

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The class 10 physics and chemistry notes are prepared by the experts of physics and chemistry. Solutions of All questions in physics and chemistry notes of class 10 are explained here in the light of fact that students missed the classroom study and ongoing tuitions, so we have explained the topics in such a way that students wouldn’t face any difficulty in understanding the notes of physics and chemistry class 10. We also missed our classroom filled with students, so we are inculcating our teaching skills in preparing this e-book of physics and chemistry notes of class 10 with the help of the proper diagrams.


Class 10 Physics and Chemistry NCERT Notes

NCERT Physics and Chemistry solutions are very important for every student who is studying in the 10 class CBSE board or preparing for the competitive entrance exams like NDA, Polytechnic or engineering entrance exams. the maximum percentage of the students get difficulty in solving Physics and chemistry questions of the 10 class NCERT Science textbook. Here we have brought a solution to their problem in an e-book of physics and Chemistry that contains NCERT solutions and few important notes of chapter-10, 11,12, and 13 of the class 10 NCERT science textbook. The questions in this e-book of Physics and Chemistry class 10 are explained beautifully by the expert teachers of Physics and Chemistry as per the CBSE norms.

The contents of the e-book is following , all the notes are on a single pdf which you will get by paying only Rs 50, if you place your order within 3 days up to 9 th June we will deliver free pdf through the e-mail you mentioned here or you can contact us through Whatsapp 9891436286 or 7303064710

Chemical reaction and equations-28
Acid, base and salt- 34
Metals and non-metals-31
Carbon and its compound-29
Periodic table-23

Light reflection and refraction- 35
The human eye and the colorful world- Detail notes with 9 questions
Electricity- Detail notes + 40 questions
Magnetic effect of electric current-15


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