NCERT Solutions of Class 10 Chemistry - Future Study Point

NCERT Solutions of Class 10 Chemistry


The NCERT solutions in the e-book of Chemistry are explained in such a way that an average student can understand the concepts of chemistry easily. NCERT questions are the key points in getting excellent marks, so the NCERT solutions in this e-book of chemistry will help you to clear your doubts in each chapter of class 10 chemistry.


Here are Class 10 CBSE chemistry notes available for the students who face difficulty in understanding Chemistry questions of class 10 science NCERT textbook. The e-book contains all NCERT solutions of the questions within the pages and of back exercise of the class 10 NCERT science textbook accompanied by the solutions of the few questions from the last year’s question papers. All the answers of CBSE Class 10 Chemistry notes are written by an expert teacher of the science as per the norms of CBSE. The solution of each question is explained beautifully so that it could be accessed by the class 10 students.

Content of the e-book

1.Chemical Reactions and Equations- NCERT solutions (28)

2.Acid, Base and Salts- NCERT solutions (34)

3. Metals and Non-Metals -NCERT solutions(31)

4.Carbon and its  Compounds -NCERT solutions(29)

5. Periodic Classification of Elements-NCERT solutions(23)






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