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Class lX th CBSE Maths Assignment for SA-1 (1)

class 9 maths assignment

CBSE Class IX th maths assignments for SA-1

Class lX th  CBSE Maths Assignment (1) is given here for helping students in preparations of  SA-1 CBSE board exam of lX th class. The questions are chosen here as an extract of previous years question papers. The Class lX th  CBSE Maths Assignment (1) contains 32 most important questions which is designed as per the CBSE norms and in accordance with latest CBSE curriculum. The Class lX th  CBSE Maths Assignment (1) accommodates questions from few selected chapters Number System, Polynomials, Coordinate Geometry,  Introduction to Euclid’s Geometry, Lines and angles and rest of the remaining topics will be included in the second assignment.

class 9 maths assignment

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Class lX th CBSE Maths Assignment for SA-1 (1)

Q.1- Which of the following is an irrational number.

(a) 1.202020……



(d) (3 -√2)(2+√2)

Q.2- What is the degree of the polynomial 3x³ –2x²+5x –3

(a) 1

(b) 2

(c) 3

(d) 0

Q.3- The side of an equilateral triangle is 4 √3 cm, find its area ?

(a) 16√3 cm²

(b) 12√3cm²

(c)4√3 cm²

(d)48 cm²

Q. 4- In  the following fig. in ΔABC, AE  is the bisector of ∠A and BE is the bisector of ∠ABC, if ∠ABC =40° and ∠ACB=78°,then ∠BEA is

class 9 maths assignment 1

(a) 140º

(b) 120°



Q.5- Express in the form of , where p and q are prime numbers.

Q.7- If (x +2) is one of the factors of 3x²–2kx +4, find the value of k.

Q.8- If a point E lies between C and D such that CE = DE, prove that

Q.9- Prove that in a right ΔABC if  ∠B is the right angle then AC will be the largest side.

Q.10-In which quadrant 0r axis each of the points (–3,4), (2,0), (–2,–5) and (0,–5) lie.

Q.11- Find the value of a and b

(3 – 2√3)/(3 + 2√3) = a + b√3

Q.12- Find the product of the following expressions by applying suitable identities.

Q.13- In the following figure, find the value of x .

Find the value of x

Q.14-△ABC is an isosceles triangle in which AB=AC. Side BA is produced to D such that AD=AB. Show that ∠BCD=90°.

Q.15-In the following figure, AB is a line if DC⊥AB and    is the  ray between AC and DC,then prove that


Q.16- In  the following fig. in ΔABC , AE  is the bisector of ∠A and CE is the ∠BCD, then prove that


Q.19- Factorize the following polynomial

6x³ +x²– 32x –20

Q.20- Factorize the following polynomial by applying suitable identity

16√2x³ – 135√5y³ –72√5x²y + 270√2y²x



Q.21 – Find the value of x in the following figure, AB∥CD



Q.22-  The perimeter of a triangle is 560 cm if the ratio of its sides is 7: 24: 25, find the length of the altitude to its longest side.

Q.23- PQ  and RS are the smallest and the longest side of the quadrilateral PQRS prove that 

∠P > ∠ R.

Q.24-  Find the value of a and b in the following expression.

Q.25- A field is in the shape of a trapezium in which parallel sides are 35 cm and 25 cm, if its non-parallel sides are 17 cm and 16 cm, find its area.

Q.26- The diagonals of a rhombus are  24 cm and 10 cm, then find its altitude?

Q.27-  A triangle and a parallelogram have the same area. If the sides of the triangle are 26cm, 28cm and 30cm and the parallelogram stands on the base 28cm, the find the height of the parallelogram.

Q.28-If ax³ + bx² + x – 6 has (x + 2) as a factor and leaves remainder 4, when divided by (x – 2). Then find the values of a and b.

Q.29- Find out the area of following quadrilateral PQRS.

Q.30-In  the following fig .  AB =AC, AD = AE and ∠BAC = ∠DAE prove that BD = CE.


31-In the following figure BC ⊥ AB, M is the midpoint of AC  and DM = BM, prove that ∠BAD = 90°.


Q.32- Plot these points(–6,–4),  (3, 5), (–6, 5) and (3, –4)  on the graph and find the perimeter and area of the figure so formed.


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