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Why does the sky look blue?

why does sky look blue

Why does the sky look blue?

why does sky look blue

The sky looks blue because of the scattering of the light by the particles available in the earth’s atmosphere, the earth’s atmosphere is composed of small gaseous particles and dust. The smaller gaseous particles scatter the colours of smaller wavelengths (i.e violet, indigo, blue and green). The mixtures of these colours violet, indigo, blue and green make the sky blue colours of the sky. The blue colour of the son’s light is faded because of multiple scattering of the light,when a beam of son’s light incidents the earth’s atmosphere the small gaseous particles scatter the shorter wavelength colours and when reaches the earth’s surface, the surface of the earth also reflects it to the space, thus multiple scattering of the light by the particles makes the colour of sky less blue and more white.

The light consists of a large spectrum of waves having different wavelengths, we can see the seven colours of the light through the dispersion of the light, such a spectrum of seven colours is known as visible light. the part of the sun’s light which have a higher wavelength than the red colour is known as infrared waves and the part of the sun’s light that has a lower wavelength than the violet colour is known as ultraviolet.

Scattering by dust particles or water droplets: The size of the dust particles or water droplets is larger, so when light enters into dust particles or water droplets,it scatters all the colours equally in all direction. The main colours of the light are red,green and the blue,therefore dust particles or water droplets don’t contribute in the colour of the light.

scattering of light by dust particles


Scattering by gaseous particles(i.e molecules) : The size of the molecules is very small, so when light enters into molecules,it scatters the smaller wavelength colours more compared to others in all directions. The main colours of the light are red, green and blue, since gas molecules in the atmosphere are in trillions, therefore, scattering of blue colours  by  gas molecules makes the colours of sky looks blue .


scattering by molecules of gas

Why do clouds look white ? Clouds are made of tiny droplets of water and dust,when light enters into the droplet, it scatters all the colors equally in all the directions like dust particles,so clouds look white with a background of a blue sky.

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