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What is the green house effect?

green house effect

What is the greenhouse effect?

green house effect

The greenhouse effect is named it greenhouse effect because practically it has been seen that in a herbarium the plants inside it and its green floor absorb the heat of transmitted light from the sunlight, this heat is unable to escape the glass house because this warm air becomes unable to transfer to the surrounding colder region due to the glass, that increases the heat inside it, the same effect is seen on the atmosphere of the earth but here the molecules of carbon dioxide, methane absorbs incoming light rays and the light rays reflected by the surface of the earth, consequently albedo (total reflection of a light rays from the earth) decreases, thus earth atmosphere warms up. The warming of the earth’s atmosphere is known as the greenhouse effect.

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What is the greenhouse effect?
(ii)Why is it named the greenhouse effect?


The causes of the greenhouse effect.


Global warming
(v)Prevention of greenhouse effect

What is the greenhouse effect?

The light ray enters the atmosphere of the earth, naturally, our atmosphere regulates the temperature of the earth since 29 % of total incoming solar energy is reflected by the clouds, atmospheric particles, and bright surfaces of the earth like sea ice and snow, rest of the 71 % solar energy is absorbed by dust particles, water vapor, and the earth surface. The increasing air pollution is caused by the greenhouse gases like CO2(carbon dioxide) and CH4(methane) trapped the solar energy which decreases the amount of reflected solar energy and consequently increases the heat on the earth, this is all about the greenhouse effect.

Reflaction of the solar radiation by the earth

Why is it named the greenhouse effect?

It is named greenhouse because it has been seen that if sunlight is allowed to pass through the greenhouse made of glass whose floor is implanted with green plants, the light that passes through the glass is absorbed by the plants and its green floor warms up the air inside the glass house, this warm air trapped inside the glass. A similar process happens in the earth’s atmosphere but in this case, the light is trapped by the molecules of carbon dioxide and methane.

The causes of the greenhouse effect:

The cause of the greenhouse effect is increasing pollution due to the industries, vehicles, deforestation, and the use of poly bags. The factories and vehicles release different gases like nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide, methane, hydrochlorofluorocarbon, hydrofluorocarbon, and so on. The molecules of these gases are of larger size, so the cluster of such molecules reflects back the light rays towards the earth, this process increases the temperature on the earth.

 Global warming:

Global warming is the result of the greenhouse effect, as we know the greenhouse effect is caused due to the greenhouse gases, these gases trapped the solar energy, thus sunlight doesn’t escape away from the earth,it causes the growth in the average temperature of the earth’s atmosphere resulting in global warming. The large molecules of carbon dioxide and methane released by vehicles and factories absorb incoming solar energy and reflected back the solar radiation towards the earth reflected by the surface of the earth that causing an increase in the temperature of the earth. This increment in the earth’s temperature is known as global warming. Global warming causes the melting of glaciers in Antarctica, and snow of mountains which may cause to increase in the sea level. If the whole of the ice of the earth melts away 2 billion population of the earth will submerge into the ocean.

Prevention of greenhouse effect:

Humans are required to attain sustainable development and decrease the level of greenhouse gases, therefore all of us needed to promote the following points to prevent greenhouse gases.

  • Implant trees
  • Use public vehicles
  • Control the number of private vehicles
  • Avoid the use of polybags
  • Control the usage of electricity produced by thermal power plant
  • Discover anti-pollutant substances
  • Minimize the use of refrigerator and AC since the greenhouse gases are used in them
  • Use the sustainable methods in the development of the industries
  • Discovering the proper technics for cleaning the rivers, ponds, and the lake

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