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If energy is conserved then why do we need to save it for future generations?

Save energy and save world

If energy is conserved then why do we need to save it for future generations?

We have learned that energy is conserved in the physical or chemical process, If energy can neither be created nor destroyed, we would have not to get panic thinking about our natural energy sources. Imagine there would be a device manufactured by the engineer and scientist to restore energy for next day use.Energy resources we use today are limited in the earth, if we continue to use them by the same rate, these would be finished out of the earth and as a result, heavy energy crisis may result.


Save energy and save world


There is a great chalange to explore non-conventional sources of energy. The global energy demand is expected to increase rather significantly in the near future, so non-conventional, inexhaustible, and renewable sources of energy are required to meet present and future requirements since increasing pollutions due to fossils fuel like global warming, acid rain, and air and water polutions suggest that harnessing environmental friendly energy resources are needed to follow a sustainable development in the field of science and technology.

As far as India is a concern, unlike the USA and other developed countries, it has lack of energy, the population is high and hence the requirement of the energy is too high, it is a surprise that still 80000 villages are unelectrified in India and many of them are not connected by the roads, so this topic of the energy crisis is more concern of India.

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Why has it not become possible to make such a machine which would be used to restore energy after using it. You can understand it through a burning candle,  the energy is generated into light and heat with the release of carbon dioxide, water. Had we managed to get back, light energy, heat energy dissipated to the environment and collect the molecules of carbon dioxide and water vapor then there would not be an energy crisis. Had we managed to get back the kinetic energy of the car, the heat energy released to the environment, the products formed during the process of combustion then it would become possible for us not to be worried about our energy resources.

It is impossible to get back the energy used by us from the matter but what is in our hands to convert the whole of the mass into the required form of the energy and recycling of by-products formed during the process. The scientists and engineers have vast scope to manufacture such a non-conventional combustible engine in which material would be recycled, and reused and pollutants to be minimized. Some of them has also started to work on it and very soon such vehicles in different design will replace all the present vehicles on the roads and subsequently the cost of transportation reduce. In this project main objective of heat dissipated to the environment is to be minimized and a fuel cell is used to recollect the bi-products formed during the process of combustion.

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If energy is conserved then why do we need to save it for future generations?

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