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Importance of DNA Copying and Variation among organisms.

Importance of DNA Copying

Importance of DNA Copying and Variation among organisms.

Importance of DNA Copying


Creation of DNA copies in reproduction

The organism of the same species looks similar because their body design is the same, reproduction among the organism involves making copies of the blueprint of the body design. Chromosomes in the nucleus of the cell contain information for the inheritance of features from parents to the next generation in the form of DNA. The DNA in the cell nucleus is the information source for making proteins, therefore the most important event during the reproduction is the creation of the DNA copy. Reproductive cells use chemical reactions to build copies of their DNA in a reproducing cell, one copy of DNA remains in the original cell and the other one is pushed out which instantly generates additional cellular apparatus for maintaining life processes subsequently the DNA copy is separated, each with its own cellular apparatus, this is how the cell divides to give rise to two cells.

Is the DNA of the offspring is identical to the DNA of the Parent?

Two DNA copies are accommodated by two identical cells during the process of reproduction actually not absolutely identical, the extent of accuracy of both DNA copies depends on the biological reaction between both parent cells. It is expected that copying the DNA will have some variation each time from one generation to the next generation but may not be similar to the original one. If variations occur are acute then DNA copy might not work with the cellular apparatus it inherits, such a cell simply dies.

Creation of the DNA during the meiosis in the process of reproduction, there are some changes in its formation, DNA of the offspring cell is different from the parent cell due to the biological reaction between both parent cells.The change in the DNA is the change in the information of inheritance, this altered DNA copy will code for the protein different from the original one.It depends on the extent of accuracy in DNA replication, and how much similarity there is between parent and offspring. Variation during reproduction is the tendency of the organisms that leads the path of evolution.

Importance of Variation

Variation in DNA replication helps to increase the population of organisms in a nitches, changes in DNA and body design is actually maintenance of body design features that allow the organism to use that particular niche. Variation in DNA replication is linked to the stability of the population of species.

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However, nitches can change beyond the control of the organisms, as an example temperature on the earth were to be increased by global warming. Most of the bacteria would die, but the few variants resistant to heat would survive and grow further. Variation is thus useful for the survival of species over time.

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