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Download e-book of Science NCERT 634 questions with solutions for Polytechnic and NDA entrance exams

NCERT for NDA and polytechnic


Download science 634 questions e-book with detailed explanations for the preparation of Polytechnic and NDA entrance exams

NCERT for NDA and polytechnic

This is an e-book that contains solutions of 634  NCERT  science questions by and large solicited in the entrance exams of Polytechnic and NDA. In spite of the fact that this e-book is set up for the entrance exams of Polytechnic and NDA, it is likewise valuable for other competitive entrance exams in endeavoring science MCQ,s. Solutions of science NCERT questions of 9-10 classes are the main phase of the preparation of a wide range of competitive entrance exams and for the All India Merit Test. The science NCERT solutions e-book is planned particularly to satisfy the necessity of the students who are studying in commerce or arts stream in 11 or 12 classes and are intrigued to qualify entrance exam of Polytechnic and NDA.

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NCERT Solutions Class 10 Science from chapter 1 to 16


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The e-book of science NCERT questions(download) with answers for entrance exams of Polytechnic and NDA is helpful for all students of science, commerce, and arts streams since the essential qualification for the entrance exam of polytechnic is 10 th pass with science, so those students who have chosen commerce or arts stream and intrigued to join Polytechnic or NDA, the science digital book is well equipped as a revision work for them.

The question paper of the polytechnic entrance exam contains 150 MCQ questions, among them 40 questions are from physics,3o questions are from chemistry,15  questions from biology and 15 questions from English grammar and rests 60 from maths. This e-book is intended for attempting science questions which are 85 altogether, so you are required more hard work in science for qualifying the entrance exam of the polytechnic. The basic qualification for the NDA entrance exam is 12 th pass. The questions posed in the entrance exam of NDA are from Physics, chemistry, general science, history, geography,  current affair, and maths. Altogether 270 questions are posed in the entrance exam of NDA of 900 marks, despite the fact that the physics and chemistry solicited in the entrance exam of NDA is of 11 and 12 th class standard, this digital book is only a correction practice for NDA candidates to clear their fundamental idea from science in light of the fact that without it they can’t understand physics and chemistry of 11 and 12 th standard. To study this science NCERT solutions digital book is compulsory for the students of arts and commerce streams who are candidates of NDA entrance exams. In the entrance exam of NDA 200 questions are posed from physics and chemistry of 9 to 12 th class standard, among them 70 % questions are asked from 11 and 12 class and 30 % are asked from 9-10 class standard science, so this science NCERT solutions e-book is reasonable as a foundation coarse for 10 class students and the students of arts and commerce who are willing to appear in the entrance exams of NDA.



Sample of e-book containing 634 science questions with solutions for entrance exam of polytechnic

In spite of the fact that Polytechnic coarse isn’t a degree, it is a diploma in engineering however it has still a tremendous scope in the public and private sector, polytechnic passed out diploma holders are assigned in a junior position in the technical department like production, quality control, system development or material management yet that candidate who are enthusiastic, in the wake of finishing their 3 years diploma along the side can get the admission in B.Tech, the engineering college concede  3 years polytechnic diploma holder in the second year of 4 years degree course of B.Tech and subsequent to finishing B.Tech they can be elevated to a higher position in a similar department.

The content of the book (download)

The contents of the book

Name of the Chapter   –        No. of Questions that are answered in the e-book
The fundamental unit of life- 18
Life process – 34
Matter in our surroundings –26
Is matter around us pure –21
Atoms and molecules – 23
Structure of atoms-34
Chemical reaction and equations-28
Acid, base and salt- 34
Metals and non-metals-31
Carbon and its compound-29
Periodic table-23
Force and laws of motion-25
Work and energy- 32
Sound – 38
Light reflection and refraction- 35
The human eye and the colorful world- Detail notes with 9 questions
Electricity- Detail notes + 40 questions
Magnetic effect of electric current-15
Additional important science questions from last years question papers of 10 class CBSE board exams –81

Total questions – 634

This digital book was composed as a result of an excessive amount of difficult work of research by the author so we have dealt with its base cost of just Rs 120, which is nothing since this digital book can transform your life and the estimation of your insight will be lifted up with the endless procedure.

The method of downloading this digital book is following

Press the pay button, don’t stress, this is Instamojo, a well-known payment gateway, in India simply like Paypal, or Payoneer. choose the mode of payment

Write your Name, Write your email, write the amount and fill up the necessary space for the transaction of money.

When you pay the amount, in a couple of seconds the digital book, solutions of 634 questions of science will be delivered to you instantly through the e-mail you have mentioned,if by the way you face any issue please get in touch with us in our Whatsapp no-9891436286,7303064710 or our Facebook page-Future study point.

We are prepared to help you in your study, so you are authorized to ask us any questions related to your examination preparation for academic and competitive entrance exams.

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