Buy Class 10 physics and chemistry notes-e-book at the price of Rs 50 - Future Study Point

Buy Class 10 physics and chemistry notes-e-book at the price of Rs 50

class 10 physics and chemistry e-book

Class 10 physics and chemistry notes

Why is the cost of this e-book Class 10 physics and chemistry notes is of Rs 50? The physics and chemistry notes presented here as a result of the hard work of the expert and typist, so we have decided to manage the cost at the minimum price of Rs 50, which can be afforded by everybody. The class 10 physics and chemistry notes are prepared by experts of physics and chemistry.Click to   Buy it

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class 10 physics and chemistry e-book


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NCERT Solutions Class 10 Science from chapters 1 to 16

The best quality and specific study material on the internet you never can get in free. Anything you study on the internet without any cost your mind posed to work partially to understand the topics deeply. Since the study material of class 10 physics and chemistry notes is prepared by an experienced and well-qualified teacher after great research.

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It is a privilege for all students of class 10-Solutions of All questions in physics and chemistry notes of class 10 are explained here in the light of fact that students missed the classroom study and ongoing tuitions due to the Covid-19 pandemic lock down, so we have explained the topics in such a way that students wouldn’t face any difficulty in understanding questions and answers notes of physics and chemistry class 10.

It is written for your target of 2020-21 CBSE board exam-We have missed our classroom filled with students, so we have inculcated our teaching skills in preparing this e-book of physics and chemistry notes of class 10 with the help of the proper diagrams and explanation.

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The Physics and chemistry notes of class 10 are explained in the e-book topic wise in a single pdf which is useful in doing your homework and preparing forthcoming exams of unit test, SA-1 and SA-2 exams of CBSE board. The e-book of Physics and Chemistry notes contains NCERT solutions of 5 chemistry and 4 Physics chapters of class 10 science NCERT textbook.

The e-book of Physics and Chemistry notes contains the solutions of the following chapters of the NCERT textbook.

The content of the e-book class 10 Chemistry

Chapter 1-Chemical Reactions and equations- In this chapter, you will study how to balance a chemical equation, types of chemical reactions i.e Combination reactions, Decomposition reactions, Displacement reactions, Double displacement reactions, Oxidation and Reduction reactions, Corrosion, Rancidity.

Chapter2-Acids, Bases, and Salts. In this chapter, you will study Chemical properties of Acids and Bases, Ph values of acid and base, Importance of Ph in daily life, Different kinds of salts and their importance in our life as an example Bleaching Powder, Baking soda, etc.

Chapter 3-Metals and Non-Metals-In this chapter you will study Metals and Non-metals, the difference between them, Chemical properties of Metals, Reactivity series, The reaction between metals and non-metals, Ionic compounds and their properties, Occurrence of metals, Extraction, and Refining of metals, Corrosion, and its prevention.

Chapter 4-Carbon and its compounds. In this chapter, you will study The covalent bond, Versatile nature of Carbon, Saturated and Unsaturated Carbon Compounds, Classification of Carbonic compound i.e Chains, Branches and Rings, Homologous series, Nomenclature of Carbon Compounds, Chemical properties of Carbon Compounds, Properties of ethanol and ethanoic acids, Soaps and detergents with the phenomena of washing clothes.

Chapter 5Periodic Classification of Elements. In this chapter, you will study Dobereiner’s triads, Newlands law of octaves, Mendeleev Periodic table, and its limitations, The modern periodic tables, Positions of elements in the modern periodic table, Variations in atomic size through the periodic table, the positions of metals and non-metals linked to their properties.

The content of the e-book class 10 Physics

Chapter 10-Light -Reflection and Refraction. In this chapter you will study Reflection of Light, Laws of Reflection, Spherical mirrors and image formation by them, Image formation by Concave and Convex mirror, Uses of Concave and Convex Mirrors, Mirror and Lens formula, Magnification, Refraction of light and its laws, Refraction of light through a  glass slab, sign convention of mirror and lens, Power of lens.

Chapter 11-Human Eye and the Colorful World. The Human Eye structures and functions, Defects of vision Myopia, Hypermetropia, Presbyopia, Refraction of light through a Prism, Dispersion of light, Atmospheric Refraction, Twinkling of stars, scattering of light, Tyndall effect, The cause why does the sky look blue, The color of the Sun during Sunset and rise.

Chapter 12-Electricity. In this chapter, you will study Electric current and Circuit, Electric Potential and Difference, Circuit diagram, Ohm’s law, Factor’s on which the resistance of a conductor Depends, Resistance of a system of Resistors, Resistors in series, Resistors in parallel, the Heating effect of electric current, Practical applications of heating effect of electric current, Electric Power, Joul’s heat equation.

Chapter 13 -Magnetic effect of electric current. In this chapter, you will study Magnetic field and magnetic field lines, Magnetic field due to a current-carrying conductor, Magnetic field due to a current through a straight conductor, Right-hand thumb rule, Magnetic field due to a Current through a Circula loop, Magnetic field due to a current in a solenoid, Force on a current-carrying conductor in a magnetic field, Electric motor, Electromagnetic induction, Electric Generator, Domestic electric circuits.Click to   Buy it

The content of the e-book class 10 Biology

Life Processes-In this chapter you will study all about our body system, the chapter is most important for class 10 students and other class students who want to qualify for NEET.

Control and Coordination-In this chapter you will study our nervous system, our nervous system contains the brain, spinal cord, and nerve cell neurons.

How do organisms Reproduce-In this chapter, you will study our reproductive system and types of reproduction.

Heredity and Evolutions-In this chapter you will study the laws of inheritance, and how the traits of the organism repeat.

Sources of Energy –In this chapter, you will study all the types of energy resources.

Environment-This is the chapter that is required to study everyone on this earth, at least class 10 students should be aware of the environmental changes on this earth.

Management of the Natural Resources-The management of Natural Resources is for awaring the students about the management of the resources available on earth.

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NCERT Solutions of Science and Maths for Class 9,10,11 and 12

NCERT Solutions for class 9 maths

Chapter 1- Number SystemChapter 9-Areas of parallelogram and triangles
Chapter 2-PolynomialChapter 10-Circles
Chapter 3- Coordinate GeometryChapter 11-Construction
Chapter 4- Linear equations in two variablesChapter 12-Heron’s Formula
Chapter 5- Introduction to Euclid’s GeometryChapter 13-Surface Areas and Volumes
Chapter 6-Lines and AnglesChapter 14-Statistics
Chapter 7-TrianglesChapter 15-Probability
Chapter 8- Quadrilateral

NCERT Solutions for class 9 science 

Chapter 1-Matter in our surroundingsChapter 9- Force and laws of motion
Chapter 2-Is matter around us pure?Chapter 10- Gravitation
Chapter3- Atoms and MoleculesChapter 11- Work and Energy
Chapter 4-Structure of the AtomChapter 12- Sound
Chapter 5-Fundamental unit of lifeChapter 13-Why do we fall ill ?
Chapter 6- TissuesChapter 14- Natural Resources
Chapter 7- Diversity in living organismChapter 15-Improvement in food resources
Chapter 8- MotionLast years question papers & sample papers

NCERT Solutions for class 10 maths

Chapter 1-Real numberChapter 9-Some application of Trigonometry
Chapter 2-PolynomialChapter 10-Circles
Chapter 3-Linear equationsChapter 11- Construction
Chapter 4- Quadratic equationsChapter 12-Area related to circle
Chapter 5-Arithmetic ProgressionChapter 13-Surface areas and Volume
Chapter 6-TriangleChapter 14-Statistics
Chapter 7- Co-ordinate geometryChapter 15-Probability
Chapter 8-Trigonometry

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NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Science

Chapter 1- Chemical reactions and equationsChapter 9- Heredity and Evolution
Chapter 2- Acid, Base and SaltChapter 10- Light reflection and refraction
Chapter 3- Metals and Non-MetalsChapter 11- Human eye and colorful world
Chapter 4- Carbon and its CompoundsChapter 12- Electricity
Chapter 5-Periodic classification of elementsChapter 13-Magnetic effect of electric current
Chapter 6- Life ProcessChapter 14-Sources of Energy
Chapter 7-Control and CoordinationChapter 15-Environment
Chapter 8- How do organisms reproduce?Chapter 16-Management of Natural Resources

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Chapter 1-SetsChapter 9-Sequences and Series
Chapter 2- Relations and functionsChapter 10- Straight Lines
Chapter 3- TrigonometryChapter 11-Conic Sections
Chapter 4-Principle of mathematical inductionChapter 12-Introduction to three Dimensional Geometry
Chapter 5-Complex numbersChapter 13- Limits and Derivatives
Chapter 6- Linear InequalitiesChapter 14-Mathematical Reasoning
Chapter 7- Permutations and CombinationsChapter 15- Statistics
Chapter 8- Binomial Theorem Chapter 16- Probability

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Chapter 8-Application of Integrals

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